Hoyas – Rockets

The Goergetown Univ. Hoyas are playing the China Rockets in a series of "Goodwill" basketball games. Yesterday, in a physical game, a Rocket player knocked a G-Towner to the floor and a bench clearing brawl erupted. Folding chairs were being tossed Bobby Knight style and Coach Thompson removed his team from the floor. In the tunnel to the locker room, fans cheered pro-China rants and threw full water bottles on the team. Another game is scheduled for Sunday.

What needs to be highlighted (as China is taking down coverage) is the China Rockets are a Military team. There are no accidents in China and certainly not in the Chinese Military. Reporters covering the games say public opinion is squarely in the Hoya camp and videos of the "hard foul" are being taken down from the web. The Chinese have made their position with the delegation from Washington DC crystal clear.

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