Abby Someone

The term "New Normal" gets tossed around a lot but the truth is monetary madness means anything but normal. As Igor found out the hard way- systems running on Abby Normal's brain tend to run amok in the countryside. The wackiness has rendered some simple relationships useless. As real trouble surfaced in America, TED spreads collapsed. Now that the obvious (continued refunding) is assured, the TED is popping back out. There are plenty of ways to explain it but the only one needed is the system is not functioning normally. In other words, the new normal is nuts.

What the EU crisis (real) and US debt crisis (sketchy) have revealed is 3 years into the "recovery" the system remains seriously impaired. Like Young Frankenstein in top hat and tails, we can look good during easy dance numbers but don't light any matches. Central Banks can create the illusion of stability but  don't blow on the facade. This leads us to ask 2 questions: How long before the villagers burn the castle?? And, where's Hans Delbrooke's brain??

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