The Greatest 2 Minutes in Sports

No it's not the Derby, or the Oaks. The greatest 2 minutes in sports is 8:30 am et on the first Friday of the month. More money will be wagered on hackneyed and revised data than any other statistic around. Within seconds of the non-data points' release, a Brady Bunch screen of talking heads will tell us what the economic implications are. This is a multi-billion dollar global "field" bet.

The aspect that seems to be lost in all the seriousness is the simple beauty of the game. You do your training, get in the gate and make your run. Some of the players are juiced up on the steroids of co-location and code writing cheats. Others play "clean" and recognize they are at a disadvantage. There is plenty of pomp but we live by the mantra, "Don't believe the hype."

Here we go. The horses are on the track. Cue the bugler.

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