The Ol’ Number 6

Slim Pickens, in Blazing Saddles, advised Headley Lamar to "Do the Ol' number 6," on the citizens of Rockridge.  A "number 6" has since been the anticipated game plan of the Bond Vigilantes. The popular term was coined in a different age, however. The entire product line of financial futures contracts was designed under the thumb of inflation. These innovations not only enhanced Volcker's efficacy, they changed the way institutions operated in the monetary world forever.

There is no shortage of "Vigilante activity" in the markets today. The difference is plungers now know that Bond Vigilance has Mongo-like strength. When Bond Vigilantes show up at the edge of town, destruction is ensured. The hapless villagers of EU-Rockridge are the perfect example. Keeping the havoc in PM, commodities, and currencies also ensures the chaos continues in the US unfettered. We get the sense that Bond Vigilantes are tweaking to get in on the fun. Oh, what's an ol' number 6 you ask?..

"It's when we come a riding into town, a whooppin' and a hollerin'...."

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