Aah, Juicy Fruit

Ah Juicy Fruit

We have now left the "Miley Cyrus Recovery" of 2009 (popular, huge profits, no historic relevance) and moved to the "Chief Bromden Expansion." No longer willing to deal with the chaos of the real world, we have voluntarily isolated ourselves in the simplistic safety of the institution. Parts of Europe have been committed there by superiors but we are here by choice. As long as Nurse Ratchet at the Fed keeps us doped up and stocks obey the rules, it's not a terrible place. A parade of McMurphy's have stopped in to up the chaos - gold, silver, oil, corn,  cotton - but the somnambulist attitude continues.

We are of the opinion that only the bond market is big enough and strong enough to throw the sink out the window and get us out of here. It's a big, crazy, scary world but we've got to get back out there and engage it.  Don't opt for the lobotomy of governmental control. C'mon Chief, pick up that sink. The time has come to leave.



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