Automatic Refresher

Futures performance for March is led by Silver, Cattle and Crude. The big losers are OJ, Wheat, Cocoa and the Nikkei 225. The big names in trading - the Buck, Bond, Note and S&P are flopping around + or - .5%.

Doleman Securities in Ireland rates Irish Life and Perm and Bank of Ireland a "sell." They trade at 40 cents and 22.3 cents, respectively.

Month, Quarter and Japanese year end gets a lot of chatter for window dressing. Balance Sheet availability should be equally important given "Refresher #1

Dagong Credit Ratings, a company thrown together to do what the official Chinese government cannot do without hurting itself, bitch slapped the US in its latest report.( Zerohedge has the report on line for a full reading.) Calling US Fed policy an "escalation" in the global credit war that will need to be addressed, a "turning point" is the warning. That China had been propping up the stellar credit nations of Europe was not mentioned.

Mercury retrograde starts today and lasts until April 13. Trends should not be trusted. The alignment is characteristic of choppy range trading.  The SP is patterned for higher first (it is) then lower in this session.

Some tightening in the relationship between data inputs and net change in the capital markets should emerge. The ISMs have been a far more accurate compass than the over-hyped employment situation. The breakdown inside the regional reports has filtered straight to Fed District outlooks.

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